As is apparent in our logo and name, we are somewhat enamored of our canine associates.  Since dogs give so much to us in their companionship, we feel it is incumbent on us to give back to the canine community. We have a soft spot in our hearts for those organizations that work for the betterment of pets in general and dogs in particular.  To that end, we try to the best of our abilities to support the following organizations in Washington State (we would love to cast a wider net, but our resources are limited):

Pet Over Population Prevention (POPP)

Benton-Franklin Humane Society

Coalition Humane

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Prison Pet Partnership

Just so that you don’t think that we are completely canine-centric, we also work with several human-oriented organizations that have special connections to our lives and interests/sensitivities:

Children’s Developmental Center

Columbia Basin College

Mid-Columbia Symphony

Camerata Musica

Prosser Memorial Hospital Foundation

We encourage all of our customers, friends, and visitors to find an organization that you can believe in and do your best with whatever you have to support them financially, through in-kind service or donations, or with your time.