The Sleeping Dog Pack

Larry and Joyce are dedicated to their dream: making sound wines with expressive fruit flavors, all the while enjoying the camaraderie of good friends, food, and wine. A diverse array of multi-talented colleagues endorse this venture by sharing their time, labor, encouragement, and, naturally, their critiques. After a day’s hard work, the friends and family of Sleeping Dog gather to share the fruits of their labor. This fellowship, after all, is the ultimate reason for making wines.


The humans aren’t the only ones who suport these endeavors. Dog and cats are always nearby, offering encouragement, greeting visitors, and sometimes just being underfoot, where they will always be noticed!

Larry and Joyce discovered Aurora – the poster pup for Sleeping Dog Wines –  on the Internet, languishing at a shelter in Spokane. She provided us with 12 years of companionship and was a tireless ambassador for the brand that continues to honor her memory on our labels and in our hearts.








The tradition of Sleeping Dog Wines required that we fill the post of winery dog.  Jett came to us through Northwest German Shepherd Rescue on Mother’s Day in 2014, as a two year old with lots of history.

on the way home

Her approach to customers has been quite a contrast from Aurora’s welcoming attitude, but I am told by those who are not discouraged by her, shall we say, abrupt welcomes, that her demeanor has much improved with time. It is quite a challenge to work with her after the role model that came before her! On top of that, a now five year old has a lot more energy! At any rate, she is working her way into the winery routine and will give you a rousing greeting when you show up – with time we hope this will evolve into a warm greeting!

Jett of SDW