Contact Us

  • Phone: (509) 460-2886
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 45804 N. Whitmore PR NW, Benton City, WA 99320

Finding Us

Be wary when using GPS – it may want to take you onto N. Whitmore from the east, off of Whan Road. ┬áThis puts you on a private, unimproved road. ┬áPlease follow the instructions below to avoid un-necessary confusion, wear and tear on your car, and irritated neighbors!

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Once you are close, the following directions can take you to our door. If not during “regular” hours, please call to make sure we’re around to welcome you.

Directions from I-82 Freeway

    1. Take the Benton City exit (Exit 96).

    2. Coming off the ramp, turn North onto S.R. 225 and cross the Yakima River.

    3. Continue through downtown Benton City, past the schools and market to the Cemetery at the corner of Corral Creek Road (3 miles from the Freeway).

    4. Turn left onto Corral Creek Road and continue for 1.7 miles

    5. Pass the vineyards on your left to a left turn onto Whitmore Road.

    6. Follow Whitmore for ~ 1/4 mile, past the vineyards until reaching a driveway for a large white house on the right. The road will force you left.

    7. Continue along the hilltop overlooking the Yakima River for another 1/4 mile to #45804, a light green, two-story house on your right with a small, barn-like structure next door. That’s the Winery!