Our Wines

Our wines are produced entirely from grapes that are grown in the Buoy and co-located Rivers Bend Vineyards, located directly across the road from the winery.  Larry walks the vineyards at least twice every day, year round!  As harvest approaches, he’ll be wandering up and down the rows, sampling grapes to ensure that we pick at optimal flavors and from locations that best showcase the individual grape variety for that year.  Grapes are all picked by hand and delivered to the winery by forklift the same day, as they are harvested.

Sleeping Dog Wines are produced in limited quantities (~ 500 cases total production per year) so that we can maintain a close personal involvement with all aspects of production (and not wear out our friends). Wines are bottle-aged and held for release until they are ready to consume. The entire process, from grape selection to sales, is overseen personally by Larry, Joyce, and Jett and is only possible due to the support of our friends and customers.

SHIPPING POLICIES: Shipping laws vary depending on location. Because the cost and compliance requirements vary for each state, we can not afford the luxury of licenses to ship our wines to all locations. We currently are licensed to ship wine to WASHINGTON, CALIFORNIA,  COLORADO, MINNESOTA, and OREGON. If you don’t see your state listed, please contact us and we can explore the options for shipping to you. Contact us directly and we will do our best to get your wine to you safely, legally, and affordably.

To inquire about our wines or to place an order, Email us or call 509-460-2886.